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The theme of the jam was "Movement". My plan was to create a game where you have to match the movement of your shapes to the movement of "ghost" shapes so as to make harmonious-sounding music (your shapes would have made music depending on their movement pattern). Since I'm quite new to Unity (and spent 8 hours straight playing DnD) that was not the finished product. Instead, I ended up creating a sort of interactive wallpaper which, after a while, descends into chaos. Eh well.

Press Q, W or E to affect the movement of the shapes.
A and S regulate the volume.
Escape closes the application.

Thank you James for organizing this jam! Even though I didn't meet my expectations, I had fun making the game and it taught me a lot. Hope you.. erm.. enjoy?


Untitled.zip 14 MB


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Neat little game thingy! I enjoyed staring at the shapes as peaceful music drifted in the background.